Terms of Sale


Orders will be acknowledged via fax or email. Any changes made to an order (by phone) after received must be confirmed in writing or by fax.

Art Charges

Art charges will be assessed according to time, difficulty and amount of materials used at $50.00 per hour. Notification will be sent if charge exceeds $50.00.

Cancellation Charges

Orders cancelled during production will be charged for the work completed at the time of cancellation. Custom Design items, add $150.00. Embroidered items add $100.00.

Change of Copy Charge

Pad-Print, Print Set-up, Hot-Stamped and Silk-Screened items - same as set up charge for that item.

Change of Print Color Charge

Pad-Print, Print Set-up, Hot-Stamped, Pad Printing or Silk-Screened items add $75.00 per change. Notification will be sent if charge exceeds $75.00 per change.


All Complaints must be registered within 30 days after receipt of shipment.

Confirming Orders

All confirming orders must be clearly marked as such. GSI, LLC will not be responsible for duplication of orders if "Confirmation" was not clearly marked on order.

Copyright / Trademark Laws

GSI, LLC assumes that artwork submitted for reproduction in producing an order, was submitted in full compliance with the laws governing copyright, trademarks, etc. Purchasers, by placing these orders, agree not to hold GSI, LLC responsible for any damages, costs and/or expenses arising under these laws as a consequence of our use of said artwork. Client agrees to furnish GSI, LLC with a Trademark Authorization Letter suitable for US Customs Submission.

Disclaimer Policy

Fabric colors are not guaranteed to be colorfast. Due to variances of materials and other circumstances beyond our control, GSI, LLC cannot guarantee continuity of shade, color, size, texture, or construction of finished goods from lot to lot. Due to manufacturing tolerances, all dimensions have acceptable variations of 1/4". GSI, LLC is not liable for delays due to acts of God, material shortages, shipping or customs interventions. All orders are subject to a 1% defect manufacturing ratio. Any order in which the defect ratio exceeds 1%, GSI, LLC agrees to replace Damaged, Defective or Off-Spec product over and above the aforementioned 1% ratio.

Embroidery Information

Initial Stitch Counts are based upon estimates derived from Artwork and/or as provided by Client. All quotations will clearly denote the Stitch Counts and Positions used to calculate the unit cost. If during sample or swatch production the actual number of stitches used to accomplish the required Artwork increases or decreases, GSI, LLC will send a notification and amended quotation reflecting the increase or decrease in unit costs based on the actual stitch count.

Liability Limitation

In the event of a defect in material or workmanship which exceeds 1% of order quantity, GSI, LLC will replace the goods, F.O.B. point of shipment at GSI, LLC sole discretion, provided that a written claim is received within 30 days from the date of receipt. GSI, LLC liability shall not in any event exceed the cost of furnishing a replacement for the defective product.

Over-runs and Under-runs

All orders are subject to over-runs or under-runs of 5 - 7%. Orders specifying exact quantities are considered "Special Requests".

Paper or Electronic Proofs

Paper proofs will be faxed or Electronic proofs will be emailed unless otherwise noted on purchase order. No credit will be issued for any errors in artwork following approval of the proof.

Production and Shipping Lead Times

Normal production time will vary dependent upon selected item and Country of Origin. Shipping time will vary upon chosen method and Country or Origin. Production and Shipping lead times will be specifically noted on all quotations based on item, country of origin and shipping method.

Reorders and Change Orders

To insure exact duplication submit invoice number and a sample. If previous order included an art, die or screen charge, but a change of copy is needed on the new order, it will be necessary to charge a new art, die or screen charge on the new order (except items where no art or die charges apply). NOTE: We keep artwork on file only for orders shipped no earlier than January 2004. Exact imprint color and product cannot be guaranteed on repeat orders. Any Purchase Order Changes made after Order Confirmation are subject to a $125 Administrative Fee per occurrence. This includes but is not limited to Split Shipments, Freight Methods Changes, Design Changes and Quantity Changes.

Return of Goods

GSI, LLC & Factory authorization must be obtained in writing prior to return of merchandise for any reason or our Receiving Department will not accept return shipment. For custom decorated items, no returns will be accepted.

Rush Orders

Orders requiring less than normal production and or shipping lead time must be clearly designated and AIR SHIPMENT must be authorized. Orders needing 30 working days or less MUST HAVE FACTORY AUTHORIZATION before being accepted and a rush charge will apply.

Setup Charges

Set-up, Mold and Tooling charges will not apply to all orders. This charge is listed individually on each quotation if necessary.

Specification, Pre-production and Production Samples

Pre-Production and Production Samples are available upon request and must be clearly denoted in the Client Purchase Order or during the Quotation Process. Specification Samples are also available upon request and Client is responsible for sample charges required by factory along with the Freight charges associated with procurement.


All packaging and shipping weights are approximate. They are subject to change without notice. Any adjustments made to shipping methods must be received 15 days before scheduled ship date from Point of Origin or changes cannot be guaranteed. Additionally, Shipping method changes will require an amended quotation reflecting any cost increase or decrease.


All Shipments quoted are to be FOB, Client's Destination or FOB US Port of Entry. Any deviation from these terms are considered to be "Special Shipments" are to be clearly agreed upon in advance of Purchase Order at the sole discretion of GSI, LLC.

Truck Shipments

INSIDE DELIVERIES, must be marked on the Purchase Order and are subject to up charges. HANDLING CHARGES WILL NOT APPLY TO ALL ORDERS. Any claims concerning delayed merchandise must be made directly to the carrier. GSI, LLC responsibility ceases once the merchandise is delivered to the carrier.

Service and/or Finance Fees

(see also Art, Copy, Cancellation, Print, Reorder/Change-order Changes/Charges)

Standard Payment Terms are 50% upfront, PIA and 50% upon Export or Goods or the order can be secured by an Irrevocable Letter of Credit. All invoices are due upon receipt. Finance fees are applicable on accounts that remain unpaid beyond 30 days from Invoice Date at the rate of 1.5% per month (or the highest rate allowed by law) on the entire unpaid balance. Non-Payments or excessive late payments will entitle GSI, LLC to require 100% upfront PIA before any work commences. PIA Invoices are subject to a $25 service fee if subsequent notices need to be sent to collect funds. Any Payments returned for NSF will result in an NSF charge of $35 or actual charges incurred, whichever is greater and payments from that date forward shall be remitted via Certified Check, Money Order or Wire Transfer. GSI, LLC does not accept Credit Card Payments.

Attorney's Fees

In the event of a dispute between the parties (GSI, LLC and Client), the prevailing party shall be entitled to recover from the non-prevailing party (including any affiliates, successors and assigns), its reasonable Attorney's Fees, Paralegal Fees, costs & interests, through all tribunals, bankruptcy proceedings and collection efforts. Florida Law shall govern all matters, with venue lying exclusively in Orange County, Florida.

Force Majeure

Global Sourcing International, LLC cannot be held responsible for failure to fulfill a delivery commitment as a result of situations beyond our reasonable control. This includes, but is not limited to occurrences such as: natural disasters (i.e. hurricanes, floods), labor strikes, congestion at ports of entry, U.S. Customs / Homeland Security holds and delays, or failure of subcontractors to perform. Global Sourcing International, LLC will provide written documentation in support of any force majeure or commercial impracticability condition upon request.

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