Global Sourcing International, LLC is a contract manufacturer, value-added manufacturer and a complete product manufacturer, depending on the item and the degree of involvement required. In addition to our domestic manufacturing, we import various products and product components from many countries around the world. Our largest concentration (outside the U.S.) of product comes from Mainland China where we deal with many different factories. Careful consideration goes into which factory will produce each product line to ensure that we can provide our clients with quality, price and timely production schedules.

* Contract Manufacturing

* Original Equipment Manufacturing (O.E.M.)

* Manufacturing Agreements

* Product Licensing

Design & Development

Global Sourcing International, LLC has an in-house art department using state of the art computer graphics as well as traditional renderings and illustration techniques. The art department excels in producing customized artwork, from concept to completion, for each item we produce. From designing logos to creating new and unique products, we strive to meet the client's needs and to exceed their expectations. Our art department has years of experience designing products for theme parks, casinos, retail chains and corporate clients. We have created product programs for numerous clients including Banfield Hospitals, ExxonMobil, MetLife, New York Racing Association, Pittsburgh Pirates and many, many more.

* Product

* Packaging

* Displays

* Sourcing

Domestic and/or Foreign Manufacturing

* Area of Expertise: Asia & North America

* Developing Countries:

In addition to sourcing products from the USA and numerous countries throughout Asia, Global Sourcing International, LLC also sources products from "Developing Countries". Products sourced from these countries range from Gift ware & Jewelry to Construction Materials. Sources have been developed to take advantage of the regional designs, craftsmanship and materials unique to each country.

Colombia, Costa Rica & The Americas:

Products - Frames, Jewelry, Figurines, Textiles and various Toys & Gift wares

Materials - Native Woods, Native Stones, Silver, Cotton Weaves, Pottery and various Metal Castings


Products - Frames, Figurines and various Toys and Gift Wares

Materials - Native Woods, Ceramics and various Metals


Products - Frames, Jewelry, Figurines, Textiles and various Toys & Gift wares

Materials - Native Woods, Native Stones, Glass, Silver, Cotton Weaves and Pottery


Products - Flatware and various Toys & Gift wares

Materials - Ceramics and various Metals


Most of the Products from "Developing Countries" are either Hand Made or Hand Finished and shipped in bulk to the US where they are often packaged or finished to Client's specifications.

Quality Control

Global Sourcing International, LLC has built its reputation on high quality products and superior service. The quality of our product starts with the initial concept, which is developed through teamwork. The product concepts come from sessions that include the client’s input, our artists, and management. Management and key personnel in every department are directly involved in quality control through each stage of production. Our office staff in both the U.S. and around the world inspects product in various stages of production to ensure that all product standards are met. These quality control policies assure that GSI will produce the highest quality product with the greatest attention to detail.

   Inspection of: 

* Samples

* Production Runs

* Ready-to-Ship Goods

Document Handling

* Shipping Documents

* Customs Forms

* Opening Letters of Credit

* Wire Transfers


* Sticker

* Bar Code

* Label


* Assembly

* Packaging

* Drop Shipping

* Break bulk Shipping


At Global Sourcing International, LLC we make every effort to ensure that our delivery is on time to meet our customers' needs. For import deliveries, new product lines can be scheduled for delivery within 6-12 weeks after the artwork is finalized and approved for production. Re-orders require four to eight weeks. For domestic delivery times, we typically deliver or ship one to three weeks after taking or receiving a reorder.

   Coordination of: 

* Sea

* Air

* Truck

* Rail


* Long-term

* Short-term

* Temporary

* Permanent



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